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Collectibles Insurance

The Nation’s largest insurer of Sports Memorabilia for Dealers and Collectors

Collectors “All-In-One”, specifically designed for nearly all types of collectibles and Americana.

This policy is designed for memorabilia dealers, store owners, shop owners, and private collectors.

  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Comic Memorabilia
  • Movie Memorabilia
  • Hollywood Memorabilia
  • Television Memorabilia
  • Music Memorabilia
  • Disney Memorabilia
  • Military Memorabilia
  • Political Memorabilia
  • Advertising Memorabilia
  • Baseball Cards
  • Magic
  • MTG
  • Stamps
  • Antiques
  • Coins
  • Autographed Items
  • Americana
  • Historical Items
  • Non-sports Cards
  • Artwork
  • Rock-N-Roll
  • Toys
  • And More!

The only insurance agency nationwide specializing in collectibles, dealers and collection insurance with access to all major collectible insurance markets. Let us find the best fit for your coverage needs.

Here are a few of our program’s outstanding features:

  • Policy Form designed specifically for a dealer and/or collector
  • Valuation on a “Fair Market Value” basis
  • Blanket Inventory Coverage per collectible category all under one policy
  • “All Risk” Policy Form subject to very few policy exclusions
  • Full Theft and Flood Coverage
  • No Off Premises or Transit Limitation
  • Easy to complete application

In Addition:

We can also provide all your business insurance, such as Property, Liability, Auto, Umbrella and Workers’ Compensation

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